Imse Vimse AB was founded in 1988 by Marie Walleberg, who came up with the idea of producing washable diapers when she had a baby girl, who was suffering from a severe diaper rash. This resulted in Marie trying washable diapers and the diaper rash disappeared. Marie also realized that she could save money by using the washable diapers. The outline of the business concept was made: to produce and sell washable diapers whilst caring for children, the environment and also saving money.

Imse Vimse AB started it's business on the island of Gotland in Sweden and we are still running the business from the city Visby on Gotland, but these days we have a much broader experience of international trade. With customers worldwide and selling our products to distributors, retailers and families, we were the first company in Sweden to develop certified environmentally approved cloth diapers and are continuously developing new products including swim diapers, training pants, nursing inserts and feminine products.

We make high demands on all of our suppliers and producers. Several times a year we make sure that the manufacturers are fulfilling Swedish standard when it comes to environment, quality and conditions for the employees and to establish that there is no exploit of under age labour.

The cotton we use in our products is almost exclusively organically grown cotton. We constantly strive to use the most environmental friendly fabrics and we will not use anything less than Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. Our products are made of organically grown cotton and therefore the products carry the symbol Organic Cotton. The new sensation Fox Fibre that we will start to use in our new selection is part of this strive. This is cotton that is not only organically grown, but also “color grown”.

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